We always wanted something new for our home. And when I say fresh that’s literally something that could ease our minds and reduce our stress. We not only paint our homes with our favorite colors or put our favorite artifacts in every corner. These beautiful products could go next to the beautiful little armchairarmchair ,

Green, theoretically, is a fresh color. It is said to renew and restore energy. This is the reason why we should plant plants in our house. However, green color is not the only special color for plants. greenThere are plants that are colorful and can assure you. Here are some of them.

1. PADDLE PLANT (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora)thyrsiflora

This is a perfect pot for the table. pot for the table. Its gray-green leaf has a height of 6 inches, perfect for a display on the coffee table. Its leaf is flat and it can make you think of a pancake.

Paddle plants grow well in bright areas. So, make sure to provide them with enough sunlight, just enough to avoid spoiling its color and its leaves. It may not be soggy ground, so be careful when planning it. Even when pouring the plant, not rotting too much water on the leaf to avoid rotting. One of the best things about paddle attachment is that it produces offspring. When this happens, you can plant them in another pot.


2. BURRO tail (Sedum morganianum)

This is an attractive plant perfect for a vintage home. Burro tail also goes by the name of the donkey’s cock or ponytail.

Burro tail grows up to 4 inches long with its stems getting heavier. Because of this, you have to plant it in a large pot or in a hanging basket, one that could carry its weight as time goes on. It’s best grown in bright areas, so make sure to place it where the sun could reach. When it comes to watering the plant, it is advisable to provide water every 10-15 days since all leaves store water. Overwatering it will only cause rot. Like most succulents, the tail of the burro also spreads. You can avoid the leaf being cut into the pot, but be extra careful as its leaves fall off easily.


3. Firestick (Aveloz ‘Rose’)

Set fire to your house with this plant. The red color is due to a reduced amount of chlorophyll, which is why it has its fiery color in full sun.

The Firestick, unlike other plants, can survive in humid or poorly drained areas. It is an ideal plant for living by the sea, because firesticks are air salt immune. But it has a white juice that could be deadly, so be careful when deciding for its perfect location.


4. Christmas cactus (SCHLUMBERGERA X buckleyi)

Plants that bloom very rarely on cold winter days. For the countries that have White Christmas, it is rare to find a plant that has a vibrant, colorful flower. But with the Christmas cactus, White Christmas would be a bit colorful.

Christmas cactus grows best from November to January. At this time of year it is advisable to keep the amount of water and temperature regularly, preferably from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. year It is advisable to keep the amount of water and temperature regularly, preferably from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. Then, after these months, the system requires a rest period, reducing the amount of water. It is also recommended in a shady area and away from parasites, outside on summer season, the cactus is placed.outside being on buzzer season, the cactus is placed.