Cactus is a member of the family Cactaceae. There are many types of cacti of different shapes and sizes. Cactus usually requires low maintenance and water. Some of the cactus species can survive in extreme conditions and some of them need to grow in temperate weather. They have the ability to store water because almost all of the cacti are succulents. There are also many types of cactus that have thorns. All types of cactus differ from each other in different ways, as the amount of water and fertilizer they need to grow and stay healthy is the amount of sunlight they need to survive and the amount of soil they need to stay strong.

Starr_030202-0037_Cereus_uruguayanusThe spines of cactuses are made of areolas that give rise to the flowers. The stems of the cactus plant are generally crumpled and thus they can contract and expand easily. This contraction and expansion allows the absorption of water in a quick way after the rain. The stems have the ability to not only store large amounts of water, but their smaller surface area ensures less water loss from perspiration.

Many people love to have cacti in the garden areas to enhance the beauty of their gardens. Since they are easy to maintain and require less water, they can easily be made part of most home gardens. The cacti have a variety of uses as well. They can also help you in many ways as a result, if you would grow them in the home garden.

Used by Cactus

  • The Saguaro : This Saguaro is a tree-like cactus that is huge in size and produces ruby-red fruits. The pulps of these fruits are used in jelly and wine. The spines of this type of cactus can be used to make sewing needles while the ribs can be attachment for construction.
  • Strawberry hedgehog cactus : It produces very tasty fruits that taste like strawberries. The delicious fruit is rich in nutrients and is ideal for health.
  • Copado Cactus : This Copado Cactus is tall and straight and widely used in the manufacture of various types of rain sticks.
  • 61UXw6IUtsL._SY450_Barrel Cactus : This type of cactus produces flowers that grow at the top of the plant. Its fruit is not edible, but the porridge is widely used to make cactus sweets. The young flowers can be boiled in water, like eating cabbage and its spines can be used for tattooing as well as needles.
  • Senita Cactus : This cactus is very useful to treat cancer and diabetes. The stem of this plant processed into medicines to make useful medicine that is considered important in the fight against cancer and diabetes.
  • Peyote Cactus : This cactus type contains mescaline, which is a medicine. This medicine is used to improve the human vision. There are also a few Native American tribes that use this plant for birth pains curing skin diseases, diabetes, fevers and colds.
  • Nopal Cactus : Nopal Cactus has a number of uses. You can eat the nopal pads either raw or cooked. This type of cactus produces a fruit called prickly pear which is also edible.
  • Cane Cholla Cactus Cholla Cactus: These Cane Cholla cactus fruits that are eaten by various mammals and birds. The plant is suitable for making antiques after it dies down.
  • Hair Brush Cactus : It produces a bur-like fruit. These fruits are widely used as hairbrushes. You can find many hairbrushes on the market made from this type of cactus.
  • Barbados Gooseberry : This Barbados gooseberry produces a juicy fruit that is edible and used in making jellies. The leaves of this shrub are also edible. Both the leaves and fruits of this shrub contain protein, iron and other nutrients.
  • Night Blooming Cereus : This plant produces fruits that are large in size and edible. The stems and flowers of this plant are used in homeopathic medicine for the treatment of urinary tract infections and angina.
  • Queen of the Night : The Queen of the Night a kind of cactus, the edible fruit that produces. Even its roots can be used for food purposes. In addition, this cactus type is reportedly used for the treatment of patients who pose chronic respiratory problems.